⚡ Sparkfile

🗨 Hey hi hello everyone, this is Phil.
You've probably found this wiki by mistake, but I'll explain.
This is my personal notebook. Since grade-school I've kept different variations, from the basic spiral, single-page-folds, Field Notes, Notion, and various wikis. I've even used Dokuwiki before! I've never been able to keep with note-taking long, losing interest after a few months. Life or work gets in the way, and sometimes I just find something shiny.

[✓ phil, 2022-04-21] Finish Public Start Page

I stole the name 'Sparkfile' from an old LifeHacker article, back when I would use Google Reader to scan the web for new interests. Now I guess that's what Twitter is for. I try the use a similar philosophy of jotting down thoughts I want to come back to, and some organization from Bullet Journal. Right now I'm trying a page for each calendar week, and then breaking those notes out into thier relevant project pages.

Art by Sara Goetter

⚠ But, since this isn't where you belong, you should look elsewhere.

TL;DR - This is a personal knowledgebase.
All other pages here are private, so I can write freely. You'll run into “Permission Denied” errors if you try to push further.
I'm willing to give close friends access, but this is just my collection of notes and references.
Some pages will be fleshed out for the blog.